What Are The Benefits Of An Annual Boiler Service

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Boiler service is an essential preventative measure to take to keep your boiler in tip-top shape. We all want our home heating system to stay running smoothly through every season.

People are risking their safety and that of their loved ones by neglecting boiler maintenance. It can lead to huge bills for repairs or replacements, or worse, the loss of one’s health, which would be a great shame when it can be avoided with an annual boiler service from a gas registered engineer.

You must book in your annual boiler as a priority to keep your home healthy and safe. Read on to find out the benefits of a regular service from your Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer.

The Safety Of Your Family

Important safety tip: keep your boiler maintained annually for the sake of your family! Gas leaks are pretty rare but can be prevented by doing regular maintenance on your heating system.

A poorly maintained boiler is a more common problem and can lead to many issues – from disrupted water flow to blocked drains and CO poisoning. Carbon monoxide can be produced at higher levels if there is a problem with the amount of oxygen available to burn. If there’s a lack of oxygen, gas will continue to burn for longer and produce more CO. CO can also build up in the flue system and accumulate from a build-up of soot.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of death in the UK. According to research, it leads to an average of 50 deaths per year and up to 4,000 other medical emergencies.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, exhaustion and confusion. Some of the symptoms are shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless poisonous gas, so if you suspect you have CO poisoning, you should leave your house or building immediately.

Make Your Boiler More Efficient To Reduce Your Energy Costs

People usually don’t think of boiler servicing as an essential cost. Unsurprisingly, not maintaining your boiler will lead to a much higher energy bill and greater environmental impact.

A gas engineer will make sure your boiler is running at optimal performance, saving you time and money in the long run. The engineer can also advise you when to replace your old boiler to help reduce your energy bill.

You don’t want to spend any more on your energy costs than necessary. We average around 50% of our total energy bill on heating your property, so make sure to think about the costs.

Keep Your Boiler Working For Longer (So You Don’t Have To Pay For A New Boiler) 

Every boiler will eventually break down and need to be replaced or become too inefficient to justify replacing.

By following a certain level of caretaking, your boiler can last much longer, and it will save you from having to replace it. A new boiler installation costs are usually about £2,000-£3,000 on average, and it is the most expensive appliance in any household.

Investing in a reliable boiler service from a reputable company will save you from the high prices of replacements and should last for 15-20 years. Not maintaining your air conditioning can reduce its serviceable lifetime by up to a third. On the other hand, regular servicing will help lower the chances of costly repairs happening in the future.

Keep Boiler Repairs To A Minimum

Get your boiler serviced by a trusted professional as often as necessary to keep it in the best condition. A well-maintained boiler saves money and can extend its lifespan.

We charge just around £50 for a standard boiler service, making it cheaper than the average price of a minor repair. For instance, replacing a faulty fan or gas valve could cost around £150, and more serious work such as repairing faults with the printed circuit board would cost closer to £400. therefore, it’s important to keep your boiler and all of its components in good condition.

It is best to have problems with your boiler fixed as soon as they appear, regardless of how small the problem may be. When you ignore them for too long, it will lead to more significant time-consuming and complex problems to solve. You don’t want this to happen when the wintertime and the house needs heating.

Without An Annual Boiler Your Boiler Warranty Might Be Void

If you’re still under warranty, the standard policy is to visit your property to carry out the service at least once a year. This annual service helps meet requirements for warranties and avoids any issues that may be caused by workload or other factors.

Leaving your boiler untreated for more than 12 months can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty, and you won’t be able to get any compensation if there is a problem with your boiler. You should call us to get it serviced so we can keep your warranty valid.

If you missed the date of an annual service for any reason, don’t panic and get in touch with your insurance provider – they may be able to help. Explain you’ve missed a date and make arrangements to catch up on the servicing schedule as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, having an annual boiler service is very important for those who need to maintain their boiler. An annual service will not only keep your system running efficiently but can also save you money in the long run.

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